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Skyline Adventure

Price ฿ 1,700

Skyline Adventure offer a unique all ages experience into one of Thailand’s most beautiful rainforest. Their tours are designed with the environment in mind, as they believe in preserving its beauty for future generations. In addition to exploring the real jungle from the zip lines, you’ll experience many other exciting activities such as: amazing treetop platforms, abseiling, sky bridges, spiral staircase, all with the best panoramic sea view. This tour provides endless excitement.

Jungle Flight

Start Price ฿ 1,900

Their Jungle Flight Zipline Camp is situated in the mountains of nearby Doi Saket among ancient native forests. You will experience the serenity of Thailand’s jungles up-close while sailing on ziplines between platforms built on centuries-old Yang trees (Dipterocarpus genus), the guardians of the forest. Jungle Flight Chiang Mai offers a similar experience in the fastest, longest and highest zipline in all of Asia. The scenery on display is absolutely mesmerizing.

Flying Squirrels

Price ฿ 1,600

Just beyond the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the plateau gently rises to greet the rolling hills of expansive evergreen forests that paint the majestic mountains behind a seemingly endless sky. There, perched atop a charming hilltop more than 1,000 meters above sea level, lies the sleepy village of Pong Krai, home to the Flying Squirrels.

Flight of Gibbon

Price ฿ 3,999

You will soar across the longest zipline cable in Asia on this Flight of the Gibbon treetop adventure from Chiang Mai. Glide through the canopy along 18 ziplines via 33 platform stations deep in the lush rainforest, including three hanging sky bridges and two rappel descents. You’ll jump at the chance to see wild gibbons and the wondrous Mae Kampong Falls. Receive personalized attention,

Eagle Track

Price ฿ 1,700

Gold Package is the ultimate rush with 16 zip lines to fly down at up to 30 kilometers per hour. For experienced zip liners, try performing the “Superman” move arms and legs spread eagle as you shoot down the line, hooked in from behind to keep your hands free. 35 platforms afford a birds’ eye view of the surrounding jungle and breathtaking scenery all around you.