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Available: Daily .

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Oasis Spa Signature:

  • The Voyage of Golden Lanna : Time 1.30 Hours Price 5,900++ Baht

On this journey to extreme wellbeing, Music Therapy is combined with massage to guide your body to new levels of delight. The amazing musical masterpiece was developed exclusively to enhance each phase of the massage experience. Four hands dance over your body for 90 minutes while covering you with fragrant oil infused with flakes of pure gold to make you feel golden inside and out. * (Bangkok and Chiang Mai)

  • Siamese Therapeutic Wisdom: Time 2.30 Hours Price 4,600++ Baht

This treatment used for thousands of years has been combined with contemporary knowledge to promote relaxation and wellness. It uses deep stretching, rubbing and kneading to stimulate acupressure points to balance the body and allow its life force to flow freely. Thai herbal massage balm and Thai Herbal Hot Compresses are applied during the treatment to enhance its effectiveness. The result is a new vitality, improved circulation and stress relief.

  • King of Oasis: Time 2.00 Hours Price 3,900++ Baht

You will feel majestic by the end of this two-hour massage that is fit for a king. This stress-buster treatment combines Thai massage techniques with Aromatherapy massage. It begins with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress placed along the strong muscle lines. Then a Hot Oil Massage stretches the muscles to reopen the body’s energy pathways, enhance circulation, increase energy levels and promote overall health and wellbeing.

  • Queen of Oasis:Time 2.00 Hours Price 3,900++ Baht

Hot Stone, Swedish and Aromatherapy massages are combined in this two-hour therapy to make a woman feel like a queen. The ancient oriental massage focusing on the Meridian Lines improves the body’s functions and promotes self-healing. Swedish and Aromatherapy massages further restore and enhance vitality and the heat of the Hot Stone therapy relaxes deep muscle layers for a more effective massage and realignment of life-energy.

  • Oasis Four Hands: Time 1.00 Hour Price 2,500++ Baht

This treatment uses the synergy created when two people and four hands work together. Imagine duet therapists working in harmony massaging fragrant oil all over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. At times, during this multi-hand massage, therapists intertwine their hands to produce rubbing motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations. This treatment produces more than double results, in fact, there is nothing like it!

  • Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,350++ Baht

This treatment perfectly combines the three most effective spa therapies: Swedish massage, Thai massage and Aromatherapy. The kneading and rubbing of Swedish massage brings relaxation and healing; pressure-point therapy of the Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points along energy lines which can deplete muscular stress and dissolve blockages. Aromatic therapy can help to fight depression, relieve aches, manage pain, improve blood pressure, and much more.




  • Ayurvedic Body Massage: Time 1.00 Hour Price 2,300++ Baht

Known as “Abhyanga,” this full body massage uses herbal oil, selected by body type, to energize and promote better health. It utilizes kneading, stroking and rubbing to relieve fatigue and promote wellness. The warm oil massage is also believed to encourage lymphatic system drainage which is beneficial to immune disorders. Many find this massage improves blood circulation, helps eliminate toxins and pollutions, increases energy levels and improves overall wellbeing.

  • Shirodhara: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,800++ Baht

Shirodhara is an Ayurveda practice that uses the gentle dripping of herbal oils onto the forehead to induce a deep state of serenity and relaxation. It is followed by an Indian head and scalp massage. Shirodhara is believed to improve memory and is used treat many conditions including migraine headaches, insomnia, tension, stress and strain. The herbal oil used also keeps the hair shiny and in good condition.

  • Ayurvedic Head Massage: Time 00.45 Hour Price 1,200++ Baht

The head is important because the sense organs – the eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin – are located there. Many find the Ayurvedic head massage improves nourishment to the senses and enhances their natural functions. Traditionally, Indian women practiced head massage to increase blood circulation to the head, neck, and shoulders. It is believed to promote sleep, improve tension headaches, and boost concentration by improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

  • Head, Back, Shoulder & Foot Massage: Time 2.00 Hours Price 1,700++ Baht

This massage benefits you from head to toe. First, a Thai Herbal foot scrub renews the skin followed by an Oriental Foot Reflexology Massage. Next, a neck and shoulder massage eliminates tension-causing stress and chronic pain. Finally, a head massage stimulates scalp circulation, soothes and restores energy flow to the temples. The benefits are marvelous and immediate – total relaxation, release of tension, relief from fatigue and increased alertness and concentration.

  • Lanna Exotic: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,700++ Baht

This traditional folk massage is thousands of years old and was frequently utilized after a tiring day in the fields. It is called Tok Sen which is Thai for “Awaking Body Energy Lines.” Wooden tools are tapped rhythmically creating pulsation and sound vibrations that go deep within pressure points of the shoulder and back to release blockages and tension. It is followed by a fragrant Aromatherapy Oil Massage. * (Available only in Chiang Mai These words were not counted.)

  • Thai Massage: Time 2.00 Hours Price 1,700++ Baht

Our traditional Thai Massage is both deeply refreshing and extremely revitalizing. It is performed with slow movements and covers the entire body and offers the deepest possible relaxation. ‘Sen’ energy lines are pressed and kneaded, the therapy continues with passive stretching followed by a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. This treatment energizes, rejuvenates and increases blood and oxygen circulation.

  • Foot Reflexology 1 hr.: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,200++ Baht

Reflexology is the ancient healing art that believes applying pressure to specific points on the feet produces beneficial results. The body is believed to be divided into ten zones with energy lines linking all parts of the body and when pressure is applied to a specific point on the foot, a reflex action of self-healing is stimulated in another part of the body. Therapists use only their hands, fingers, and sometimes a wooden stick dipped in apply with fragrant massage oil.

  • Thai Herbal Foot Treatment

This treatment starts with Cool Ocean Breeze Body Scrub on the feet and then destressed feet are soothed by Thai Herbal White Clay Body Wrap. When oriental foot massage is applied to points on the underside of the foot, a reflex action occurs in another part of the body that stimulates self-healing. Foot massage applied with herbal aromatic oils.

  • Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,200++ Baht

Hot herbal compresses are applied in combination with a Thai traditional massage. This soothing treatment increases energy flow, improves circulation, relaxes deep muscle tissue, treats energy lines that are otherwise unreachable and stimulates nerve ending to promote the body’s natural healing process. The aromatic herbs used in hot compresses stimulate the senses and aid deep relaxation; they include Kaffir Lime, Prai, and Camphor.


  • Magical Four Hand Package: Time 2.00 Hours Price 4,900++ Baht

Perhaps our most transformational experience, this treatment begins with Oriental Foot Reflexology and a KIN Secret Charm Silky Hair Treatment given at the same time. Then you encounter the luxurious Oasis Four Hand Massage, a signature treatment. During this choreographed tandem massage, two therapists delicately work with all four hands in synchronization to produce waves of enjoyment. Your whole body will feel lighter and bursting with life after this over-the-top-experience.

  • Sabai Stone Massage: Time 2.00 Hours Price 4,900++ Baht

Take a stepping-stone to a better you. First, an Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage applied with smooth, round, heated basalt stones relieve tired and sore muscle. Then Sabai Stones are positioned at strategic locations on the body to melt away muscle knots and tension and to relieve stress. Additional stones are applied to massage away pain and improve the flow of life energy. Results are dramatic: you walk away feeling reborn.

  • Ayurveda Package: Time 2.00 Hours Price 3,900++ Baht

This unique spa package begins with the dripping of warm oil on the forehead which is believed to invigorate and sooth the senses and the mind. It is followed by a thorough scalp massage. Next, a traditional East Indian Style warm-oil massage reduces tension, swelling and helps improve sleep. Many find this two-hour treatment helps prevents illness and promotes healing and wellness by balancing the body, mind and spirit.

  • Lanna Secrets: Time 2.00 Hours Price 2,700++ Baht

During this therapy, ancient time-honored techniques of Northern Thailand reopen blocked energy pathways which cause fatigue and weariness. Relief begins when acupressure is applied during a Traditional Thai Massage followed by Thai Herbal Hot Compresses which dissolve soreness and further releases energy. Finally, an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage completes the relief as powerful herbal essential oils fuse with massage therapy to bring you to the next level of relaxation.


Body Scrub


  • Coconut Butter Scrub: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,500++ Baht

This rich natural scrub was specially formulated to nourish and refresh very dry skin. Dead skin cells are removed, pores shrink and the skin is moisturized. Your newer and brighter skin emerges after a scrub with this fusion of soft-textured of natural Thai Coconut, Loofah, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Witch Hazel.

  • Ocean Breeze Refreshing Scrub: Time 1.00 Hour Price 1,500++ Baht

This refreshing body scrub uses nutrients extracted from plankton and aloe vera to repair damaged skin and protect it from the harsh environment. These nutrients, combined with sweet almond oil which is rich in protein and vitamin emollients, leave your skin soothed and nourished. The clean, crisp fragrances of rosemary and peppermint essential oils will lift your mood and promote calm and relaxation.

  • Secret Charm Scrub: Time1:00 Hour  Price 1,500 ++ Baht

The Secrets of Lanna Beauties inspire this Body Scrub. It uses a combination of golden silk cocoons and satin sugar to pleasure your skin and stimulate new growth. Golden glitter is infused into sal butter to moisturize and restore your skin while your senses are indulged with the heady scent of jasmine. Nourishing and regenerating for all types of skin.

  • Honey, Sesame & Cereal Scrub: Time 1:00 Hour Price 1,200 ++ Baht

Ideal for normal to dry skin, this gentle exfoliating scrub will leave your body looking radiant. A combination of Brown Rice, Soya Beans and Black Sesame Seeds removes toxins from your skin and transforms your skin. You will feel more alive!

  • Orange & Honey Scrub: Time 1:00 Hour Price 1,200 ++ Baht

This sweet treat for normal skin has a wonderful fresh scent. Concocted from whole fresh oranges, organic cornflakes, and locally harvested honey and sea salt, this scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin. It removes dead, dry skin cells to reveal your more youthful body within.

  • Thai Coffee, Honey & Yogurt Scrub: Time 1:00 Hour Price 1,200 ++ Baht

Awaken your senses with this delightful scrub for normal skin. We use finely ground coffee to stimulate the skin’s blood flow and creamy yogurt to naturally hydrate the skin. Honey protects and nourishes to help your skin look and feel softer and smoother.



Tour Included

  • Hotel transfer via air-condition car

Chiang Mai is among the best destination spas in Thailand .Don‘t miss a great spa experience. Step inside our contemporary Thai Spa, relax, revitalize your body and unwind under the guidance of our experienced Spa Therapists. At this elegant day spa, the client becomes the focal point for the “Lanna Experience.” Graceful and effective pampering that utilizes the best of ancient remedies of Northern Thailand’s golden era is combined with the most effective present-day treatments. It is located inside Chiang Mai’s Old City next door to the historical Wat Prasing Temple and within walking distance of the renowned Sunday Walking Street. Free round trip transportation is available from anywhere in Chiang Mai city.

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